Done with teaching!

That was really hard. Kindergarten goes so fast, no time to write up on here. Here are a few pics from what we did:

I would have put the pictures in but WordPress wouldn’t let me. Sorry.


Work so Far

I have so far observed K and pre-K and habe learnt most of their names and most of their personalities. I think I know how I am meant to teach them too, and connect it to my project. I have also worked on my lesson plan and got some progress on that too.


I have decided, with Ms. Muenchy, to scrap the idea of witing a book and to now turn to only doing the lesson plans and what and how I have leant from teaching. I should now focus all my attention now to making very good lesson plans. I now what I am supposed to have for that too so it shouldn’t be to much of a problem.

Meeting on MY project

I have met with Ms.Vanburen and Mrs.Muench, and we have decided I will help teach kindergarten after the play is over. This will be around a rainforest unit of theirs. I have to decide what animal I would like to do. Then I will help them all get a sense for darwing and how to go about it, and they will also be doing the coloring with marker(water-soluble) and paint over it with wayer to make a sort of water-paint. I muxt aslo creater a lesson plan for them.